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Stop waiting around for something to happen, use Sentinella.

Sentinella: on the watch

Sentinella is a free desktop application that monitors your system activity and, when a condition is met, takes the action that you've chosen.

Thanks to libsysactivity it can measure the activity of your processors, memory, network interfaces (and more) and whenever one of these conditions reaches some limit it will automatically execute a chosen action, such as shutdown/reboot/hibernate your computer, kill a process, trigger an alarm or execute any command.

Sentinella integrates perfectly with the main desktop enviroments (KDE, gnome, XFCE...) and works under many UNIX systems. You can download the latest source code tarball from the sf's files section.


A sampling of Sentinella in action.


You can ask for help using the sourceforge forums but firstly check if your question is already asked. Also, you can send suggestions or ideas to the Feature Request Tracker. All ideas are welcome!


If you think you've found a bug in Sentinella please use the Bug Tracker. In that case, please report all the valuable information: used version, how to reproduce it and attach a log/screenshot of the problem if possible.


Sentinella is available on more than a dozen of languages but there is still work to do. If you want to translate Sentinella from english to your own language you just need to use the online translation page with your launchpad account.
You can translate just one sentence or the whole project, but please read the comments on each string and only translate when you are sure.


Sentinella is free software but it's done on the spare time of just one person. So, please, see below this box and you will find a quick way to contribute to this project ;)